The Main Rum Company Ltd.

The Main Rum Company Limited specialises in the importation, blending and sale of bulk rum and sugar cane distillates, in particular premium aged rum.

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Rum Merchants of the World

For decades Liverpool has operated as a center point between the Old World, and the New World, with Liverpool as a northern hub. Well known for its historical trade in Rum.

During 1984, Benjamin J. (Ben) Cross de Chavannes established the company, with the idea of purchasing parcels of Rum for maturation in barrels in a nearby warehouse. From that day The Main Rum Company was established and now holds a unique selection of rare and aged Rums in cask, which could be bottled as limited edition bottlings for the premium end of the market.

In 2001, The Main Rum Company merged with E&A Scheer, a Dutch company that offers bespoke Rum blends in bulk. E&A Scheer offers a wide range of Rums, from light Rum to aged and high ester Rum blends, while The Main Rum Company sells high quality Rums in cask for the premium market.

A considerable range of Rum is available, from single mark, single estate rums to complex blends using various Rum types and origins.

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