Blending Dimensions

At E&A Scheer we are specialised in creating custom-made rum blends for new- and existing products. Our process of creating the best possible rum blend is always based on our clients´ requirements.

The Blending Tool

We have developed a specific tool to determine which target we are to create together with as a prospective client. By filling in the short questions below you will give us enough feedback on several of the dimensions involved in making a Rum blend. In using this tool our master Rum blenders can narrow down the infinite possibilities we have in blending Rum to your specific need.

Once you have filled in the information concerning the different Blending Dimensions you can fill in your personal data below, click on the SEND button and a personalized Rum Blend TARGET document will be mailed to you as a reference. With this document you and our Rum Blending specialist can find your intended Rum blend, let us call this the Rum blend TARGET.

Rest assured that your information is safe with us, each project is very individual and will only be disclosed to you. Discretion is our middle name, have fun!

Rum Blend

Are you looking for a heavy and flavorful Rum or something lighter in style ?

Light bodied rum
Medium bodied rum
Heavy bodied rum

Does your Rum need to contain aged elements?

No age required
Aged Rum required
Age Statement required

Does your Rum need to be from any specific origin?

No Origin required
Single origin
Multiple origin

Are you looking for a certain color in your Rum?

No color / White
Gold Color
Dark Color

Is your Rum intended to be used on it’s own, as a mix component in cocktails, in a food product, as base for an aroma?

Are you aiming to market your Rum in any specific region?

What is the intended price positioning for your rum project?

Are you looking for a certain color in your Rum?

Large (100.000lt +)
Medium (25.000lt +)
Small (1.000lt +)

Do you have a specific story which you want the Rum to fit to ? Tell us some headlines.

Is there any other information you want to share with us concerning the Rum project which is not covered by any of the dimensions stated above?


This was it! Thank you for answering the questions.

Please fill in you contact details and we will make sure your personalized Rum Blend TARGET sheet will be send to you.