Premium quality rums for small wood maturation.


Single Barrel

We specialise in the selective purchase of premium quality rums for small wood maturation.

The rum journey from “Cane to Fame” takes another twist when the rum is filled into wooden casks for maturation. When woken from its slumbers the rum has acquired additional characteristics from the wood and becomes a totally unique product.

Depending on age and style, the rum can achieve the warm glow and velvet texture associated with the finest cognac. A true “sipping” rum to be savoured. It is these speciality rums that we are able to offer to the more discerning client.

We can offer both single estate rum with provenance and bespoke blends. Origin status can be maintained or mixed to produce a variety of flavours from the modest to the most complex.All rum is produced as a colourless liquid, subsequent colour is derived from the addition of caramel or by the natural affect of ageing in wooden casks.

Our wide range of rums include a selection which have been sleeping in different casks from the normal “once-used” bourbon. E.g. Malt Whisky, Cognac etc.

In addition, we offer the service of blending rum in the UK market. We can create custom-made Rum blends for you by linking you to our parent company E&A Scheer, who are Master Blenders and Worldwide suppliers of Rum in Bulk.

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